Parent/guardian Consent/Disclaimer form for under 18 years

By signing the Consent/Disclaimer form I agree that the named person is to abide by the Apocalypse Airsoft
site rules and the directions of the marshals at all times.
I agree that the named person participates entirely at their own risk.
Injuries may occur whilst playing Airsoft which can result in bruised or broken skin, damage to teeth and eyes
unless suitable clothing and the correct safety equipment is worn i.e. full facemask.
As with any woodland, moving around the Apocalypse site could result in sprains and broken bones,
so due care and attention by the player must be adhered to at all times.
I agree that the named person is responsible for his/her own health and safety, and has a duty of care for others.

I agree that the named person is suitably fit to play Airsoft and that any relevant medical conditions will be

disclosed to a member of staff prior to playing.
No implementation of medication is to be applied by Apocalypse Airsoft.
I agree that damage to any personal equipment is not the responsibility of Apocalypse Airsoft. 

I agree that if in the unlikely event that the named person is removed from the gaming area for any reason,

he/she will be escorted to the Safe zone and await parent/guardian collection.

I agree that photographic equipment maybe used for the promotion of Apocalypse Airsoft.

Name of player:
Parent/Guardian: Name
Parent/Guardian: Contact number
Parent/Guardian: Email
Parent/Guardian: Signature

Apocalypse Airsoft is a registered company which complies with the health and safety executive of Maidstone

Borough Council and our regulations are registered as such and must be adhered to at all times.