Milsim Events

Milsim at Apocalypse Airsoft

No safe zone, no photo sessions, no shops, just discomfort, personal challenges, and most of all fun!

For details, contact our event coordinator Jon on 07428 571879.


Kit List

Milsim Rules

Winter Survival Clothing System

 Please note, this is not a 'gamesim' or 'filmsim'. It is an outdoor survival adventure.
It will therefore employ a certain element of discomfort and  'actual reality'. 
The only food, shelter and comfort is what you can carry yourself



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No comfort breaks, safe zone or covered areas,
physical fitness and the correct state of mind are essential.
If your not sure, then its probably not for you. 
For further details phone Martin 0787 2348576. 

 WARNING ! Unsuitable for Chairsofters