What's Airsoft?

Everything you wanted to know about Airsoft but couldn't be bothered to Google.

*What is Airsoft?

Put simply Airsoft is a hobby that allows adults and children to play soldiers (or Police or Space Marines) in a safe and controlled environment. It can be as realistic or as silly as you like and it's a game that is played on honesty and integrity. The closest comparison would be Paintball, but without the paint and the expense.

We use imitation firearms that fire 6mm plastic 'BBs' and rather than be splattered with paint to show a 'hit' we rely on the player to be honest and register when the bb hits them and respond with their arm in the air and a shout of 'Hit, Medic.' It really is a hobby that bridges age gaps and is also a great form of exercise. It can be as cheap or as expensive as you like with rental packages available to get a taste before buying any kit. Safety is paramount so every game is marshalled and all players are briefed on safety and the rules before being let loose.


*So you play dress up and shoot each other?

Yes, yes we do, but it's more than that. Airsoft builds confidence, it promotes lateral and tactical thinking, it promotes team work and most of all it gets you outside and moving.


*Ok you've convinced me. What do I need?

The beauty of Airsoft is that you can get into the hobby fairly easily. Here at Apocalypse we offer two rental packages, one that is the gun and safety eye wear and another that is the gun, safety eye wear, ammo, pyro and lunch. All we ask is that you're over 13 and you treat the rental gun with respect. (Rentals need booking in advance and carry a 50 damage waiver, refunded upon safe return of the rental)

The Apocalypse Site Shop sells everything from ammo to pyro (Distraction smokes and 'bangs') to load carrying webbing and camouflage clothing and as a Ukara registered site we stock guns from WE and ICS for those people who have a valid defence to purchase. (See Ukara below)


*But I want to play at other sites and shoot tin cans in my back garden.

Ok, now this is the complicated bit. Obviously the Police take a very dim view of anyone running around with a imitation firearm outside of an insured site like Apocalypse so there are some rules we all have to abide by. Basically under Government legislation a retailer needs to ensure you have a specified reason for purchasing a realistic Imitation firearm. Now by realistic we mean anything that could be mistaken for the real thing in colour and looks. There are a few 'defences' that meet the criteria, one of which is membership of an Insured and Ukara registered Airsoft site like Apocalypse. http://www.ukara.org.uk/questions.php

To qualify you'll need to be 18 and play a minimum of three games in a period over 56 days. Then you can request your details to be added to the game sites membership list so that retailers can check you are an 'Airsofter'.

If you're not fussed about realism (and still over 18) then you can purchase a 'two tone' gun which has 51% of its body painted a bright colour (normally orange, green or blue)

Under 18? All is not lost, you'll just need to convince a relative (over 18) that you need to play Airsoft then they can buy a two-tone and 'gift' it to you. We'd suggest  purchasing from a recognised Airsoft company such as  www.justbbguns.co.uk rather than Ebay or Amazon, or picking up something from the local market.


*Ok, this sounds awesome do you cater for families, big groups or corporate bookings?

Yes we do, we've the luxury of having up to 200 acres of playing field, all of it fine Kentish woodland so if you fancy celebrating a birthday or a stag/hen do or even want to book the site for some inter company score settling we can work with you to provide a memorable day out. We run games each and every Sunday and often have special themed days and weekender's.

We pride ourselves on being friendly and a little bit different so why not give us a go?